Tax Services for Startups

Stay in compliance every step of your startup journey

There’s no way around it: taxes are complicated and cumbersome — especially for startups doing business in the United States.

The airCFO tax services were born from startup founders requests to offer the same high level of knowledge and best practices around Tax work that we provide for our Accounting and Fractional CFO Service clients.

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How We Help Startups with Taxes In The US

Federal Tax Planning and Compliance

R&D Tax Credit

State and Local Tax

Informational Tax Filings

International Filings and Structuring

Transaction Tax Planning

Something you don't see? Let us know, we often scope out ad hoc projects for our clients!


Tax-Related Compliance, Filings and Advisory Services

Our tax service team brings decades of public and private tax experience across many industries including tech, media, online retail, healthcare, and cannabis.

We go beyond simply filing taxes to deliver value-added strategies focused on providing business solutions. We analyze current tax rules, regulations, and other guidance to make sure you’re in compliance every step of your startup journey.

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Top Tax Mistakes Made by Startup Founders

By Baixue Ma, Tax Lead

Entrepreneurs and the companies they create are utterly unique. But the mistakes they make when it comes to filing and paying business taxes aren’t usually as original.

It’s common for company founders to make the same missteps as the entrepreneurs who have come before them. Some of those errors can wind up being messy, expensive, and stressful. But in the labyrinth of business challenges that aren’t predictable, most problematic tax situations are entirely avoidable.

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Why Startups Choose airCFO?

Utilize our expertise

Let us handle the nuances of GAAP accounting and all the software that comes with managing a company's financial functions

Impress investors

Our team will perfect your financial model and help prepare the financial documents required to keep your current investors happy and/or raise your next round

Free up valuable time

Outsource repetitive non-strategic accounting, finance, and tax tasks to focus on growing your business

Optimize cash

Delay hiring an expensive full-time CFO or accounting resource/team until you really need them

Gain peace of mind

No longer worry about compliance or deadlines, leave that to us

You're A Good Fit For airCFO If...

You've Raised Venture Capital or Have Traction

Most of our clients have raised at least $1MM or are generating over $500k ARR.

Your Company is a 
US-Based C-Corp

The majority of the companies we work with are Delaware C-Corp entities, or are planning on becoming one.

You Want a Professional, Integrated Solution

We work with clients on an ongoing basis and act as an extension of your team.

"I've been working with airCFO for almost seven years and was introduced to airCFO by a friend and a founder who was a customer. When I met the folks of airCFO, I learned that I was able to get the perfect blend of a SaaS Solution and a real partner and advisor for building out the accounting and finance of TruSTAR. The best part of it is you really have this perfect blend of a technology solution that helps you close your books to do forecasting and projections."

-Patrick Coughlin, CEO & Co-Founder, TruSTAR (acq. Splunk)

"At the beginning of a startup and for a very long time, if there's a lot of work but not enough to hire a full-time finance person, it usually falls on the CEO to do that work. That takes away from the mind space to grow the business which is supposed to be the CEO's main workflow. By using a fractional finance service, specifically airCFO, I was able to free a lot of mental space to go focus on growing the team and product."

-Bebe Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Basis

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airCFO is so much more than an accounting firm; we pride ourselves on helping startups succeed. Our proprietary tech tools and dedicated team of finance, accounting, and people ops experts deliver optimized services tailored to each company’s unique needs. We partner with founders to demystify complex issues, steering startups clear of roadblocks from their Day 1 through to exit. Unlike siloed software tools or disjointed independent contractors, airCFO offers integrated specialized support and true finance leadership. Our hands-on approach means we rapidly add value as strategic advisors who understand the startup journey. Inside 200+ of the world’s top startups, airCFO takes care of the back office so founders can focus on driving growth.

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