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Fractional CFO Services for Startups

airCFO’s Fractional CFO Services enable clients to make quick and informed decisions in response to operating conditions. We provide in-depth analysis on areas of strength as well as potential red flags, and advise on the strategic decisions that pave the best path forward.

Our team has helped clients raise hundreds of millions in debt and equity capital and taken several companies from Seed to Exit.

From acting as your partner to creating fundraising materials and prepping for board meetings, your airCFO financial advisor will be a critical resource from day one.

How We Help Startups In Need of A Fractional CFO

Partnering with the airCFO finance team enables you to avoid surprises, provide financial and strategic context and ensure that the company is on the right track. airCFO drives immediate value while helping form the long-term roadmap for the company.

Financial Model Updates and Ongoing Maintenance

airCFO’s financial model provides clients with a comprehensive operational model that helps measure company performance against targets and understand the levers driving that performance so you can make better strategic decisions

Budgeting and Scenario Planning

airCFO will craft a realistic budget that will improve your startup’s performance and help build good habits that pay dividends as you scale

Revenue Operations

airCFO’s Revenue Operations offering gives management visibility into the composition of the sales pipeline and helps avoid surprises. We can also help create a seamless invoice-to-collect process, shortening the cash collection cycle and improving your cash burn

Vendor Management

Our team will manage your vendor spend, including negotiating with vendors to ensure your company is controlling spend effectively and receiving the best deal possible

Board Reporting and Investor Relations

airCFO’s Board & Investor Relations service helps you put your best foot forward with investors and ensures that your quarterly Board meetings run smoothly & effectively

Cap Table Management

Maintaining an accurate cap table can prevent countless headaches and save you thousands in legal fees. airCFO can help make sure your records in Carta remain accurate as your cap table changes

Advanced Reporting

Leverage our team to build and maintain custom or advanced reports to help give you the view you need to analyze your financial or operational data

Transaction Advisory

airCFO’s experienced finance professionals provide independent advice on debt and equity financing transactions, leveraging deep knowledge of the startup finance landscape and strategic conversations had around the state of your business

Advanced Metric Tracking

airCFO helps startups hone in on the metrics that matter, set up a system for collecting the raw data, and monitor performance over time

Dedicated Point of Contact for Advisory and Decision Support

End-of-Month "Flash Report"

Detailed Month-End Analysis

Something you don't see? Let us know, we often scope out ad hoc projects for our clients!

A Critical Resource from Day One

Choose the Right Financial Partner from the Get-Go

Every startup needs forward-looking financial guidance to help them make better decisions and craft a compelling pitch to investors. Imagine having access to insightful answers to your most pressing questions, such as:

"Without airCFO, we would have had a lot of difficulties in scaling up as our business became more complex. AirCFO was able to grow alongside us and deliver on its valued proposition consistently."

-John Kobs, CEO and Co-Founder, Apartment List

"At the beginning of a startup and for a very long time, if there's a lot of work but not enough to hire a full-time finance person, it usually falls on the CEO to do that work. That takes away from the mind space to grow the business which is supposed to be the CEO's main workflow. By using a fractional finance service, specifically airCFO, I was able to free a lot of mental space to go focus on growing the team and product."

-Bebe Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Basis

Why Startups Choose airCFO?

Utilize our expertise

Let us handle the nuances of GAAP accounting and all the software that comes with managing a company's financial functions

Impress investors

Our team will perfect your financial model and help prepare the financial documents required to keep your current investors happy and/or raise your next round

Free up valuable time

Outsource repetitive non-strategic accounting, finance, and tax tasks to focus on growing your business

Optimize cash

Delay hiring an expensive full-time CFO or accounting resource/team until you really need them

Gain peace of mind

No longer worry about compliance or deadlines, leave that to us

You're a good fit for airCFO if...

You've Raised Venture Capital or Have Traction

Most of our clients have raised at least $1MM or are generating over $500k ARR.

Your Company is a 
US-Based C-Corp

The majority of the companies we work with are Delaware C-Corp entities, or are planning on becoming one.

You Want a Professional, Integrated Solution

We work with clients on an ongoing basis and act as an extension of your team.

Let's chat about your Fractional CFO needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes airCFO different?

Startup Experience: We have over 10 years of experience working with startups, so we know what it takes to help them succeed. We have a proven track record of providing our clients with the financial support they need to grow their businesses.

Startup Professionals: Our team is made up of experienced accountants, financial analysts, and tax experts who are passionate about helping startups succeed. We understand the unique challenges that startups face and we are committed to providing them with the personalized support they need.

Software Expertise: We know the best fintech software for startups and we can help you choose the right software for your needs. We can also help you integrate your software so that you can get the most out of it. Learn more about our software selection process here.

Tech-enabled: We use cutting-edge technology to automate tasks and streamline our processes. This frees up our time so that we can focus on providing you with the best possible service. Learn more about our tech-enabled client deliverables here.

Q. How long has airCFO been providing services to startups?

Since 2013: We have been providing services to startups since 2013. In that time, we have supported over 350 startups through their early years and beyond. Our goal is to help startups achieve their goals, whether that is acquisition, exit, or continued growth.

Q. What industries have you worked with?

Most tech industries: We have worked with startups in most tech industries, including business services, information technology, finance technology, health and bio-tech, real estate, construction, hospitality, and aerospace technology. We are always looking to expand our knowledge and expertise in new industries, so if you have a startup in a different industry, please reach out to us.

Q. How are your contracts structured?

Month-to-month with no long-term commitments: Our contracts are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time without penalty. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your services as your needs change.

We put the work on us to continuously add value: We believe that the best way to keep our clients happy is to consistently deliver value. That's why we have a month-to-month contract structure. It motivates us to keep working hard to earn your business.

Q. Have more questions but not ready to schedule a call?

Explore our comprehensive FAQ page for the answers you seek here.

How Scoot Science Utilized airCFO's Services to Propel Them Through Multiple Funding Rounds

We recently interviewed Jonathan Lariviere, CEO of Scoot Science. Scoot is a team of oceanographers, data scientists, and agro-economists that help marine operators manage ocean risk and ocean uncertainty. They focus on understanding extreme ocean events or “underwater weather” and events that affect the day-to-day operations of groups that carry out their business on the ocean. 

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About air CFO

airCFO is so much more than an accounting firm; we pride ourselves on helping startups succeed. Our proprietary tech tools and dedicated team of finance, accounting, and people ops experts deliver optimized services tailored to each company’s unique needs. We partner with founders to demystify complex issues, steering startups clear of roadblocks from their Day 1 through to exit. Unlike siloed software tools or disjointed independent contractors, airCFO offers integrated specialized support and true finance leadership. Our hands-on approach means we rapidly add value as strategic advisors who understand the startup journey. Inside 200+ of the world’s top startups, airCFO takes care of the back office so founders can focus on driving growth.

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