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Coffee Meets Bagel airCFO Client

Christy White of Crosschq discusses how partnering with airCFO solved their accounting struggles through implementing an integrated tech stack and gaining a knowledgeable finance team.

She highlights key benefits like fast monthly closing, responsiveness, and tailored services that evolve with the company's growth. Christy strongly endorses airCFO as an indispensable accounting partner that enables her to perform her role effectively.

In our enlightening discussion with Edwin Handschuh of 1Konto, he explains how partnering with airCFO has been a "total game-changer" for their accounting, providing streamlined processes, advanced digital asset accounting, and actionable data to inform strategy.

Edwin appreciates how airCFO's expertise and responsiveness have freed up his time to focus on big-picture goals. According to Edwin, airCFO is "hugely helpful" in normalizing data and enabling better decision making.

"Without airCFO, we would have had a lot of difficulties in scaling up as our business became more complex. AirCFO was able to grow alongside us and deliver on its valued proposition consistently."

-John Kobs, CEO and Co-Founder, Apartment List

Lasse Kalkar, Founder and CEO at financial reporting disruptor Liveflow, explains how airCFO has fully taken over their back office - freeing up 3-4 days per month for him to refocus on growth goals. Lasse highlights invaluable peace of mind, compliance confidence, and the ability to bundle accounting, payroll, and CFO services with airCFO's fractional support.

"At the beginning of a startup and for a very long time, if there's a lot of work but not enough to hire a full-time finance person, it usually falls on the CEO to do that work. That takes away from the mind space to grow the business which is supposed to be the CEO's main workflow. By using a fractional finance service, specifically airCFO, I was able to free a lot of mental space to go focus on growing the team and product."

-Bebe Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Basis

This Startup Leader Highly Recommends airCFO for Reliable Back Office Support

In this candid Startup Spotlight Series chat, Matt Bujnicki, VP of Finance and Operations at WorkRamp, explains how partnering with airCFO has transformed their accounting and finance function. Thanks to our dedicated team, WorkRamp now benefits from streamlined processes, timely financial reporting, and tailored solutions for the SaaS industry.

According to Matt, "airCFO has been a fantastic partner with us since we raised our Series A all the way through raising our Series C." He appreciates how we've helped WorkRamp operate lean while scaling efficiently.

We encourage you to watch the full video below to hear directly from Matt on how airCFO provides the knowledge, responsiveness, and proactive insights startup leaders need.

"We were able to really establish a strong foundation where the board really trusts the financial information that we provide from airCFO."

Desmos airCFO client

How Desmos Utilizes airCFO's Accounting Services to Maintain Compliant Running Payroll for a Fully Remote Company

Kathleen Hammill, Chief of Staff at Desmos, granted us the opportunity to conduct a short interview to discuss their ongoing partnership with airCFO and how airCFO has been of help to Desmos as they continue to grow. 

Desmos provides educational software and is most well known for its graphing calculator. They build math education technology with a mission to help every student learn and love learning Math. 

"I've been working with airCFO for almost seven years and was introduced to airCFO by a friend and a founder who was a customer. When I met the folks of airCFO, I learned that I was able to get the perfect blend of a SaaS Solution and a real partner and advisor for building out the accounting and finance of TruSTAR. The best part of it is you really have this perfect blend of a technology solution that helps you close your books to do forecasting and projections."

-Patrick Coughlin, CEO & Co-Founder, TruSTAR (acq. Splunk)

Your Partner from Day 1

How airCFO Was Instrumental in Startup FloatMe’s Debt Facility Raise

As CEO, Joshua Sanchez is responsible for the financial health, strategic vision, company culture, and building out a scalable leadership team for FloatMe. His job is to lead his colleagues in the company’s mission to empower everyone along their financial journey. Josh uses a  “hands-on” approach to jumping on critical activities and giving attention to his team members. 

"airCFO is very responsive, they're very flexible, and I find them to be knowledgeable about both accounting and finance. It allows me and my team to scale a lot more easily as opposed to worrying about hiring people myself and managing them myself. For a small startup like ours, we need that flexibility to be very nimble but also not burden the company with a lot of G&A (General and Administrative) and financial costs. So yes, I would highly recommend airCFO to other companies like us."

-Quincy Yang, CFO, Coffee Meets Bagel

How Scoot Science Utilized airCFO's Services to Propel Them Through Multiple Funding Rounds

We recently interviewed Jonathan Lariviere, CEO of Scoot Science. Scoot is a team of oceanographers, data scientists, and agro-economists that help marine operators manage ocean risk and ocean uncertainty. They focus on understanding extreme ocean events or “underwater weather” and events that affect the day-to-day operations of groups that carry out their business on the ocean. 

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