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We aren’t talking about your old-school HR department - our goal is to help maximize the value of people who drive your business forward! airCFO’s People Operations team provides ongoing people advisory and support for growth-focused start-ups who want to establish a solid people foundation and strategy from the start. Think of us as your fractional “Head of People”.

The airCFO People Operations practice was created based on needs and feedback from our founders highlighting the value of people advisory in our ever-evolving work environment. Combine these services with airCFO Accounting, Finance, and Tax to give your startup a complete airCFO best-in-class back-office. 

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How We Can Help

Let airCFO’s team of experts help build a world-class startup environment for your most valuable asset: your people. We can ensure you stay compliant with state and federal laws, and create a strategy to attract and retain employees!

Scheduled Check-Ins and Async Support

We offer regular check-ins for support and to keep us aligned on business goals as your trusted people advisor. We also offer async support to resolve quick issues regarding compliance, policies, people processes, and more.

Strategic People Planning

Our team will not only support your foundation, but help drive your people strategy forward as you scale your business. We will assess the full employee life-cycle to identify areas of opportunity while providing a strategic plan to get  positive results.

Onboarding Administration

While launching your business, building your team is an important first step. We will ensure your employees get off to a great start by putting in place a customized onboarding process and helping administer those critical onboarding tasks!

People Audits and Process Assessments

We will dig in to identify potential risks or areas of opportunity within your business from a people perspective while providing strategies and support to mitigate the risk. 

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement metrics and initiatives are essential when you’re scaling your business. We will support you by helping create and administer surveys, as well as provide results and recommend strategies to increase engagement scores.

Payroll Processing

Leave the payroll processing to us, it is one less thing on your administrative to-do list! We put your payroll on auto-pilot while providing proactive guidance around payroll compliance to eliminate any unnecessary risk.


We help our clients navigate the complexity of people compliance at the federal and state level by supporting policy creation, employee files, harassment training, benefit support, and more.

Performance Management

As a start-up you have big goals to achieve, ensuring your employees are aligned and performing to achieve those goals are essential to the success of your start-up journey. Our team will support in both informal and formal performance management helping your team achieve your goals.

Offboarding Administration

We help you navigate offboarding employees compliantly and make sure your employees feel supported during their transition. If we discover trends in employee turnover, we will support by providing the data and insights to discuss those trends are occurring, and if necessary, provide recommendations on strategies to mitigate future turnover.

Something you don't see? Let us know, we often scope out ad hoc projects for our clients!

A Critical Resource from Day One

Set your People Foundation From the Start

Every business starts with people from day one! As part of your start-up plan, imagine starting with forward-thinking people guidance to help drive your team’s engagement and performance from day one. Let us do the heavy lifting with your people initiatives so you can focus on growing your business. With our guidance, you will get answers your most pressing people questions such as:

"Without airCFO, we would have had a lot of difficulties in scaling up as our business became more complex. AirCFO was able to grow alongside us and deliver on its valued proposition consistently."

-John Kobs, CEO and Co-Founder, Apartment List

"At the beginning of a startup and for a very long time, if there's a lot of work but not enough to hire a full-time finance person, it usually falls on the CEO to do that work. That takes away from the mind space to grow the business which is supposed to be the CEO's main workflow. By using a fractional finance service, specifically airCFO, I was able to free a lot of mental space to go focus on growing the team and product."

-Bebe Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Basis

Why airCFO?

Utilize our expertise

Let us handle the nuances of GAAP accounting and all the software that comes with managing a company's financial functions

Impress investors

Our team will perfect your financial model and help prepare the financial documents required to keep your current investors happy and/or raise your next round

Free up valuable time

Outsource repetitive non-strategic accounting, finance, and tax tasks to focus on growing your business

Optimize cash

Delay hiring an expensive full-time CFO or accounting resource/team until you really need them

Gain peace of mind

No longer worry about compliance or deadlines, leave that to us

You're a good fit for airCFO if...

You've Raised Venture Capital or Have Traction

Most of our clients have raised at least $1MM or are generating over $500k ARR.

Your Company is a 
US-Based C-Corp

The majority of the companies we work with are Delaware C-Corp entities, or are planning on becoming one.

You Want a Professional, Integrated Solution

We work with clients on an ongoing basis and act as an extension of your team.

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What makes an ideal airCFO client?

airCFO is for fast-growing startups who want to maintain a best-in-class back-office as they scale.  For those startups able and willing to invest in their back office, we’ll be the best match for price and total value. 

airCFO is best suited for startups looking for a long-term partner and willing to hand over some level of ownership and responsibility for your company’s back office.  We can build, manage and own from the simple to the complex; from bookkeeping to fractional-CFO duties.  

An ideal client has a budget of at least $1000/mo and is willing to invest more in the finance function as the company scales. We support most of our clients from day one through exit.

How does it work?

Based on needs we identify, we will partner your startup with one or more dedicated team members in your area(s) of need (i.e. Accounting, Fractional CFO Services, People Operations, and/or Tax).  

Our team will have regular defined duties (e.g. weekly, monthly or annually) and you will also be able to scale up our hours as needed for any projects that come up during the year.

We don’t require long-term contracts, and we won’t put you on proprietary systems or software.

How long does it take to get started?

This depends on how much clean-up work is involved.  If there is no material cleanup, most clients are materially through onboarding and will have their first deliverable from airCFO within 30 days from our onboarding call.

If there is a material clean up project such as going backward and cleaning up prior years, we will need more information.

What does it cost?

Our clients have a budget of at least $1000/month for airCFO, and most of our clients fall somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 per month.

What commitment is required?

We request that you're looking for a long-term accounting and financial services solution when considering airCFO. Most of our clients work with us for 2-3+ years until they outgrow an outsourced solution and need to hire an in-house team. 

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