Financial & Operational Solutions for Series A Funded Startups

Growth without the growing pains.

Every stage of growth brings new complexities. With airCFO, get a proactive partner who adapts, scales, and clears the path for your company's next leap.

Growth isn't just about funding rounds and market share.

It's About Ensuring Every Part Of Your Business Is Ready For The Big Leagues


More stakeholders equals  more scrutiny around the numbers. Get detailed, precise financial insights without diving off the data deep end.


As you expand and grow, tax becomes a labyrinth. We're your map and guide, ensuring every twist and turn leads to compliance and optimization.

People Ops 

Your team is your strategic advantage. From payroll intricacies to holistic HR strategies, we've got the human side of your growing startup covered.


Now, it's not just about survival; it's about strategy. Dive deep with forecasting, modeling, and projections geared to help you make better strategic decisions.

airCFO’s offering scales seamlessly, ensuring that as your startup evolves, so does your core infrastructure.

Why airCFO Is Your Ideal Growth Partner

Back-office care that grows with you.

Transition from scrappy startup to mature venture. Get complete back-office support that can handle everything—tax guidance, intricate financial strategies, payroll processing, compliance checks, and more. Tailored and timely, we’re your back-office partner that adapts at the speed of startups.

Deep expertise in the startup space.

Complexity creeps in as you scale—audits loom, hiring ramps up, and the stakes of each funding round heighten. You don’t have to do it alone. We’ve helped hundreds of startups just like yours navigate these tricky waters. With airCFO by your side, you'll move smoothly, confidently, ready for every twist and turn.

Crystal clear financials at every stage.

As your startup evolves, so do the decisions you face. Our financial toolkit, crafted for your growth phase, ensures you're always on top. Use our robust reporting to see the bigger picture, monitor vital KPIs seamlessly, and confidently share your story with investors and stakeholders. Stay in command, no matter how complex things get.