Financial & Operational Solutions for Pre-Seed Startups

Lay the right foundation from
day one.

Every great startup story starts with a strong base. Get your financials straight, your operations streamlined, and your pitch ready with airCFO by your side.

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We don't just play with numbers at airCFO.

We're Your One-Stop-Shop for all Things Startup Finance & Operations


Get precise, real-time insights into your financials without getting lost in spreadsheets.


Navigate the complex world of taxes confidently. We ensure you're compliant and optimized.

People Ops 

From hiring and onboarding to payroll, we've got all your team's needs covered from the start.


Beyond the basics dive deep into modeling, forecasting, and projections that drive decisions.

airCFO is Your Founding
Team’s Secret Weapon

Put your back-office on autopilot.

Don’t let endless startup chores eat up your day. From taxes to hiring, from finance strategies to day-to-day bookkeeping, we've got your back. We’re the all-in-one solution that takes care of the nitty-gritty, letting you reclaim your time to dream big and act bigger.

From startup to scale-up, we've seen it all.

Feeling swamped with budget constraints, regulatory mazes, and getting the basics right? You're not alone. We've helped tons of startups at this very spot. From setting up efficient bookkeeping to ensuring compliance, our expertise makes the early stages less about firefighting and more about forging ahead.

On-demand financial clarity.

Navigating your startup’s growth means making quick, informed decisions. With our real-time financial tools, you're never in the dark. Dive into our comprehensive reporting suite for clear insights, track crucial KPIs with our metrics scorecard, and woo potential investors using our detailed investor reporting dashboard. It's clarity, precision, and strategy, all under one roof.

Cutting-edge tech with
a human touch.

Tech-enabled efficiency meets human empathy. With airCFO, you don’t have to choose between software and a personal advisor. You get a best-of-both-worlds combination: startup experts leveraging best-in-class tech.

Seeking startup guidance?

Access The Back-Office Roadmap Guide by airCFO

As an early-stage startup leader, the challenges of wearing multiple hats can be daunting. Take a step towards success with our Back-Office Roadmap Guide. This comprehensive resource is specifically designed for pre-seed startups and provides valuable insights into critical areas like accounting, finance, tax, and people ops.

Download it now to confidently navigate the startup journey and make informed decisions. Your path to growth starts now!

Join the 300+ early-stage founders who’ve unlocked the secret to stress-free back-office management.

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