When should my startup think about hiring someone to help with finance & accounting work?

Startups’ most valuable resource is time, so the sooner you get systems in place to efficiently handle your day-to-day blocking & tackling, the better off you’ll be. airCFO provides services for companies at all stages, from “two people and an idea” to later-stage scaling startups. Reach out for a call and we’ll give you a free consultation on the steps you can take to set up your startup for success.


I already have an accountant; what makes airCFO different?

airCFO is built for early-stage technology companies. An independent bookkeeper doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge about accounting, finance, and operations that airCFO possesses specific to the startup space. Large accounting firms tend to operate through an old-school model, and that just doesn’t fit the way growing startups work. Our model was designed for technology startups to onboard quickly AND off-board seamlessly.

I just need help with a one-time project. Does your team work on one-off engagements?

Absolutely. We perform numerous ad-hoc projects for new and existing clients, regardless of whether we have a monthly relationship.


What states do you operate in?

We operate in all 50 states in the United States and have clients located across the country.


Where is airCFO located?

Though we started in Cleveland, our team has been fully remote since the summer of 2019. With the ability to find great talent across the country, and deep roots in the coastal ecosystems, we have the best of both worlds.


Can you do our taxes?

Long answer short? Yes! We’d be happy to find some time to discuss your company.


Does your team speak any languages besides English?

Our small team is already tri-lingual; we do business in Chinese and Spanish in addition to English.


What if my company runs on a different set of cloud systems from the ones airCFO supports?

We work with a publicly available stack of systems that, when connected correctly, is extremely effective at running a lightweight, early-stage technology startup. Whether it’s bill-pay, basic accounting, or revenue recognition, we have relationships with the companies creating the best tools for scaling organizations.


Are you able to work with my in-house accountant to configure our startup’s systems or play a role on our finance team?

Yes! We can work with your accountant directly to optimize your current back-office systems and processes. We also work as part of startup finance/accounting teams, specializing in month-end close, financial modeling, and systems optimization.