The Premiere Accounting, Fractional CFO, and Tax Partner for Your Portfolio Companies

airCFO works with VC Partners to provide Accounting, Fractional CFO, and Tax services to portfolio companies to raise future rounds and plan for every possibility.

Supporting Founders from Day 1

Our Core Services


Essential services, from day-to-day expense management to expert financial statement preparation

Fractional CFO Services

Critical insights to fuel forward momentum, including cash flow projections, budgeting, modeling, and more

People Operations

Ongoing people advisory and support for growth-focused start-ups who want to establish a solid people foundation and strategy from the start.


Navigating complex tax laws and IRS guidance so you stay in compliance, minimize taxes, and capture available credits

Benefits of Being an airCFO Partner

Service Credits for your portfolio companies

(up to $5,000 based on number of service lines)

Free Expedited Book Closing for portfolio companies

($250/month value)

Custom Dashboard built for you to monitor performance across portfolio companies, expediting your quarterly reporting process

Collaborations on valuable content for startups, co-hosted events for founders, and more.

White glove founder onboarding experience with our team, including a custom co-branded intake form

Become a VC Partner today.

We are experts in startup accounting and finance who can improve your Portfolio Company's financial capabilities, helping them make better strategic decisions while avoiding common mistakes.

We can also help them set up a reporting structure that gives you visibility into the metrics that matter most to your firm.

If interested, please submit your information. Our VC Partnerships team will respond within 1 business day. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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"Without airCFO, we would have had a lot of difficulties in scaling up as our business became more complex. AirCFO was able to grow alongside us and deliver on its valued proposition consistently."

-John Kobs, CEO and Co-Founder, Apartment List

"At the beginning of a startup and for a very long time, if there's a lot of work but not enough to hire a full-time finance person, it usually falls on the CEO to do that work. That takes away from the mind space to grow the business which is supposed to be the CEO's main workflow. By using a fractional finance service, specifically airCFO, I was able to free a lot of mental space to go focus on growing the team and product."

-Bebe Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Basis

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