Refer and Earn

Earn a $250 credit for every startup you refer​

Give your friends $250 off their first month of service with your referral link and earn a $250 credit that can be used towards your next invoice.

Clean books = happy founders (and investors)

Give your fellow founders peace of mind when they partner with a proactive financial team that understands how important finances are to securing funding from investors.

By recommending friends, partners, and associates to airCFO, you help them enjoy worry-free financial operations while earning yourself a $250 credit for each referral.

Let's succeed together

We greatly value referrals and give you the $250 for simply referring us to a new client. Partner with us so you and your referral can both save $250 on your next invoice.

Referring is Easy

Here are simple steps that can get you closer to your $250 credit​.

Sign Up

Fill out the registration form using the same email you use to communicate with the airCFO team.


Get your custom link and share it with your friends.

Get Paid

Once your friend signs up, you will both receive a $250 credit on your next bill. It’s that simple…

Planning on growing your business? Let us help! 

airCFO helps you focus on your core business capability while seamlessly increasing your bottom line.

We tailor our strategy for your unique needs. We pride ourselves on transparency, personalized recommendations, and white-glove support.

Supporting Founders from Day 1

Our Core Services


Essential services, from day-to-day expense management to expert financial statement preparation

Fractional CFO Services

Critical insights to fuel forward momentum, including cash flow projections, budgeting, modeling, and more

People Operations

Ongoing people advisory and support for growth-focused start-ups who want to establish a solid people foundation and strategy from the start.


Navigating complex tax laws and IRS guidance so you stay in compliance, minimize taxes, and capture available credits

Refer More, Earn More. Become a Referral Partner.

Help other startups win with airCFO. Join our program to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "successful referral"?

A successful referral is when someone subscribes to one of our paid ongoing service plans using your unique referral link. Please note that one-time projects (ex: Financial Model Build) do not count for the referral bonus.

Please note that you'll see the referral in your account once the person you referred schedules a discovery call. The referral bonus is not earned until the prospect has converted to a paid client.

How can I track my referrals?

We’ll provide you with a dashboard to link clicks and number of people referred through your unique referral link.

Are the referral commissions recurring or one-time?

One-time. You will only earn credits for your referrals during the first month. The credit will automatically be applied to your next invoice.

Is there a limit on how much someone can earn through this referral program?


How does the signup process work?

All you have to do is sign up by selecting one of the buttons above and following the on-screen prompts. You will then receive a unique referral link which you can share with your audience through any medium and earn credits towards future airCFO invoices.

What happens if someone clicks my referral link and doesn't schedule a discovery call right away?

We have a 30-day attribution period. If someone clicks on your referral link and signs up as a client within 30 days, the conversion will still be attributed to you.

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