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Get Connected to the Cloud

Step 1: Free Consultation

The initial consultation is a 30-minute phone call with our team to figure out if we are able to assist you with your accounting and financial needs. The discussion will include questions about your current accounting process, important business related information such as your revenue model and business model. as well as your current pain points within this realm. After the phone call, we will be able to determine if there is a fit between the two companies and either begin our relationship or suggest an action plan for you.

Step 2: Pick a Package

Based on the services you need, you will be able to pick a package that fits what you are looking for. This will be sent to you after your free consultation.

Step 3: Onboarding

You will be connected directly to our Customer Success Manager who will facilitate onbaording alongside our Director of Accounting. The process is completed within a 2 week time frame and involves airCFO getting appropriate access to your accounting and financial systems.

Step 4: We Take it From Here

Once onboarding is completed, we will take over the services you elected in your package. Going forward, we will continue to handle these items on your behalf with complete accuracy and on your timeline. We make sure you continue to have access and transparency to all of your accounting and financial processes, accounts, and systems.

Step 5: Ad hoc Projects

We are happy to assist with your accounting and finanical ad hoc projects. These include creating investor presentation decks, assistance with financial preparation for board meetings, financial statement and analysis, building a financial model, and more.