This Fintech Founder Freed Up Days per Month By Outsourcing to airCFO

We recently sat down with Lasse Kalkar, Co-Founder and CEO at Liveflow, an innovative startup transforming financial reporting automation. In our enlightening Startup Spotlight Series discussion, Lasse explains how partnering with airCFO has helped solve major back office struggles and enabled him to reclaim several days each month previously spent on draining accounting tasks.

Lasse Kalkar, Co-Founder and CEO of Liveflow, Interviewed by Alex Wittenberg, CEO at airCFO

With airCFO's dedicated team managing core accounting and compliance, Lasse has gained invaluable peace of mind knowing Liveflow stays financially organized and on track as they scale rapidly. He can now fully focus his energy on high-value priorities like meeting with customers and enhancing Liveflow's industry-leading product.

Lasse highlights several key benefits of the airCFO partnership:

  • Freed up 3-4 days per month he previously spent on accounting
  • Eliminated the risk and stress of compliance errors
  • Enabled round-the-clock support with airCFO's global team
  • Provided confidence airCFO can scale alongside Liveflow's growth
  • Streamlined onboarding and ongoing processes via seamless tech integration

Lasse strongly recommends airCFO to founders seeking back office help.

Here is everything covered during the engaging conversation:

  • Discussion of Liveflow's limited back office capabilities prior to airCFO
  • Explanation of how airCFO solved issues by providing specialized expertise
  • Overview of key results like time savings, reduced risk, and peace of mind
  • Appreciation for airCFO's use of technology to enable efficiency
  • Confidence airCFO can scale along Liveflow's high growth trajectory
  • Recommendation for early stage founders seeking back office support
  • Importance of choosing a finance provider invested in technology
  • Endorsement of airCFO's timeliness and 24/7 global responsiveness

We encourage you to watch the full video to hear Lasse explain in his own words why he "definitely recommends airCFO" as a fractional finance partner for any early stage founder.

At airCFO, forward-thinking startups like Liveflow motivate us to continually enhance our specialized support and services. If you lead a high-growth company, our innovative solutions can free you to focus on big-picture goals.

Reach out today to learn more about how airCFO can help.

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