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How the Chief of Staff at Desmos Has Utilized airCFO's Accounting Services to Maintain Compliant Running Payroll for a Fully Remote Company

Kathleen Hammill, Chief of Staff at Desmos, granted us the opportunity to conduct a short interview to discuss their ongoing partnership with airCFO and how airCFO has been of help to Desmos as they continue to grow. 

Desmos provides educational software and is most well known for its graphing calculator. They build math education technology with a mission to help every student learn and love learning Math. 

Danielle Tufts, Senior Accountant at airCFO, has had the privilege of working with Kathleen (and Desmos) for about three years and counting. The video and contents of her interview with Kathleen can be found below:

Kathleen Hammill, Chief of Staff at Desmos, Interviewed by Danielle Tufts, Senior Accountant at airCFO

Q: What specific aspect do you like most about working with airCFO? 

What I like most about working with airCFO is how much I feel like they’ve become part of our team. Danielle has been essentially like a co-worker to me. She’s as dedicated to the success of our team as any other member of my team. She’s learned so much about our business and how we operate, which shows in her work as an accountant for us. Danielle’s incredibly reactive to our daily needs, and it’s clear to me that she prioritizes the work she does for us well. I attribute the relationship of trust and reliability that airCFO has built with us over the last few years as what has lead them to provide us with such excellent accounting help. 

Q: What is one thing you want someone who is considering using airCFO to know? 

One thing I want them to know is that airCFO is truly dedicated to their clients’ success. They have proven to be a reliable resource for us in many things in our business. There are countless times where I have been personally thankful for their expertise. Even in times when they are not able to assist us in a particular problem given the complex role of accounting, they certainly have been able to point us in a direction to help us. In short, I’ve never felt unsupported by airCFO. They certainly have gone the extra mile to support us as a client. 

Q: What was the biggest pain point or challenge you’ve encountered that airCFO was able to help you with? 

airCFO has been able to help with the challenges that sometimes arise when running a fully remote company. For example, there have been many times when I have been thankful for Danielle serving as a trusted problem-solving partner for things around payroll. Running payroll would not be as easy as it is today for us without Danielle’s help. She helps us to ensure we maintain compliance across the country through our payroll platform. With Danielle working on it, I rest easy knowing that our payroll is in trusted hands.

Q: What is an example of how airCFO went the extra mile? 

 An example of many, airCFO has gone the extra mile in running a daily task of our Accounts Receivables work. Over the years, our Accounts Receivables needs have grown in complexity. It’s always been important that we are able to send invoices and receive payments in a timely way, and it has always been important for us to find the right owner for that work. When we ask for help in running our AR from airCFO, Danielle did not hesitate to provide her assistance even though it was not part of her work expectations at that time. Our partnership grew to include that work. With our Accounts Receivables work in Danielle’s hands since then, that work has been running very smoothly, which I’m very thankful for. 

...view more at the interview video above.

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