How This HR Tech Leader Transformed Their Startup’s Accounting with airCFO

Christy White, VP of Finance and Operations at Crosschq, shares her experience improving accounting operations with airCFO in this candid conversation.

Christy White, VP of Finance and Operations at Crosschq, Interviewed by Samantha Allen of airCFO

Christy White, VP of Finance and Operations at Crosschq, shares her experience improving accounting operations with airCFO in this candid conversation.

Crosschq creates a hiring intelligence platform to enhance recruiting efficiency and quality. According to Christy, Crosschq struggled with siloed systems and lack of accounting expertise before partnering with airCFO.

With airCFO's guidance, Crosschq implemented an integrated tech stack and gained a deeper understanding of the company financials. This new infrastructure enabled faster month-end closing and clarity.

Christy highlights key benefits of working with airCFO:

  • Efficient book closing by the 15th of each month
  • Responsiveness via Slack for quick questions and requests
  • Overnight support to accomplish next-day tasks
  • Financial foundation and tech stack to streamline accounting
  • Tailored service that evolves with the company's growth

Christy strongly recommends airCFO to founders seeking back office expertise. She credits airCFO for enabling her to effectively perform her finance role.

In Christy's words, "I couldn't do my job without airCFO. They literally are the workhorse that gets our accounting closed every month."

Here is everything covered during the engaging conversation:

  • - Discussion of the accounting challenges faced by Crosschq prior to airCFO
  • - Explanation of how airCFO solved those issues through an integrated tech stack and dedicated team
  • - Mention of key results like faster monthly closing and clarity into finances
  • - Appreciation for airCFO's responsiveness and overnight support
  • - Benefits highlighted such as streamlined accounting and tailored services
  • - Recommendation of airCFO for early stage founders needing back office help
  • - Endorsement of airCFO as an indispensable accounting partner

Watch the full video to learn why this HR tech leader calls airCFO a transformative accounting solution. If you lead a high-growth startup like Crosschq, the fractional finance team at airCFO can revolutionize your accounting function.

At airCFO, companies like Crosschq inspire us to push the envelope on what's possible in fractional finance leadership. If you lead a high-growth startup, we're ready to simplify your accounting function so you can achieve your vision.

Reach out today to learn more about how airCFO can help.

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