Why This Fintech Leader Calls airCFO a Total "Game-Changer" for Accounting

At airCFO, we're proud to support innovative fintech leaders like Edwin Handschuh, Co-Founder and CEO of 1Konto. 1Konto is a digital assets and FX markets provider, providing a secure, reliable, and seamless solution to access, trade and settle digital and fiat currencies at the best prices.

Edwin Handschuh, Co-Founder and CEO of 1Konto, Interviewed by Karla Wong of airCFO

As a next-generation digital assets platform, 1Konto turns to airCFO for our specialized accounting expertise.

During Edwin’s candid Startup Spotlight Series conversation with Karla, Accounting Advisory Manager at airCFO, Edwin discusses how airCFO has helped streamline their accounting processes and provide high-quality reports for decision-making. He highlights the benefits of having a trusted team to handle accounting responsibilities, such as freeing up time for more productive tasks and providing clarity on financial positions.

Edwin states he highly recommends airCFO for our responsiveness, quick understanding of the business, and reliable accounting services.

According to Edwin, "airCFO has been hugely helpful in normalizing our data and giving us reliable information to make key decisions." He also appreciates how we've freed up time for him to focus on big-picture strategy.

Here is everything covered during the engaging conversation:

  • Discussion of the challenges faced by 1Konto in their accounting process prior to airCFO
  • Explanation of how airCFO helped solve those challenges by providing a trusted resource and streamlining the end-of-month process
  • Mention of the key results achieved with airCFO, including receiving a $70,000 employee retention credit and providing high-quality quarterly reports
  • Appreciation for the trusted team at airCFO and the peace of mind it provides
  • Benefits of working with airCFO, including increased visibility of burn and cashflow, normalization of data in the digital asset market, and responsive communication
  • Recommendation of airCFO for founders and CEOs who want to free up mind space for more productive tasks
  • Endorsement of the airCFO team and their reliability in accounting

We encourage you to watch the full video below to hear directly from Edwin on how airCFO provides robust accounting tailored to fintech industry needs.

At airCFO, companies like 1Konto inspire us to push the envelope on what's possible in fractional finance leadership. If you lead a high-growth startup, we're ready to simplify your accounting function so you can achieve your vision.

Reach out today to learn more about how airCFO can help.

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