Key Metric Scorecard

The airCFO team loves financial statements, but we recognize that they don't always tell the full story. Our Metric Tracking Scorecard provides you with in-depth insights into crucial operating metrics. From customer acquisition costs to churn metrics and dozens more, our scorecard lets you easily set targets and track your performance against them, enabling smarter decision-making and enhanced reporting.

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Key Metric Scorecard

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Introducing Key Metric Scorecard: Elevate Your Startup's Performance Tracking and Reporting

Centralized Data Hub
Our client data HQ acts as a centralized source of truth for all your financial data, making it easy to track key metrics and gain valuable insights so you can make strategic decsisions for your startup.
Customizable Metrics
With dozens of out-of-the-box metrics and the option to create custom formulas, you can tailor the Key Metrics Tab to suit your startup's unique needs and track growth, efficiency, unit economics, and more.
ARR Customer Count Roll-Up
For B2B SaaS businesses with multi-month contracts, our contract data tab allows you to create an ARR customer count roll-up, providing crucial operating metrics for investors and leadership teams.
Goal Setting and Performance Tracking
Easily set targets for individual metrics and monitor your performance against goals through separate reporting, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and track progress over time.
Comprehensive Reporting
Gain a deeper understanding of your startup's financial performance with detailed views, including month-over-month performance, trend analysis, quarterly breakdowns, and year-to-date numbers.
Metric Tracking Scorecard
 For even more granular insights, leverage our standalone metric tracking scorecard with visualization options, helping you visualize and analyze various metrics to align your company's performance with your goals.

Unlock the Power of Your Financial Data with airCFO

At airCFO, we offer cutting-edge tools that provide valuable insights into your financial data. These tools tap directly into your accounting system & update in real-time, so you can quickly make the best decisions for your startup's growth. Our comprehensive reporting platform ensures you have all the information you need at your fingertips, enabling you to navigate your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Financial Data Tool for Startups - Key Metric Tracking Functionality

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