Trying to make it in the startup world alone is a tough path to follow, and if you’re not sure how to make connections while simultaneously growing your business, we have the answer. Each year, you can find an array of startup events around the world designed to offer immense value to those who are starting a business. From tips on funding and new ideas to help you get ahead to the ability to connect with others who are going through similar challenges, attending one or more startup conferences might be the best thing you do in 2020.

It’s a tough task to narrow down which startup events will provide the most value, so we’ve put together a list of some of the conferences you can’t afford to miss. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level and want to do so using the tools offered at startup conferences, 2020 will most certainly be your year!

Startup Grind, February 11-12, Redwood City, CA

Innovation is the name of the game at Startup Grind, a global event featuring 10 stages, over 100 sessions, and more than 10,000 attendees. While it might not be the same as other startup events as it caters to many levels of enterprise, Startup Grind still offers budding businesses a wealth of knowledge to take home with them. Speakers include the CEOs and founders of some of today’s biggest brands and the conference names itself as “the best entry point into the startup world.”

SaaStr Annual 2020, March 10-12, San Jose, CA

The largest non-vendor SaaS conference around, SaaStr Annual gathers over 15,000 founders, VCs, and executives to provide a crash course in all things SaaS. Learning how to scale a business in this industry is challenging and through thousands of one on one and small group meetings and sessions designed to infuse you with knowledge, you’ll be ready to ramp up your growth rate and position yourself for success.

SXSW, March 13-22, Austin, TX

Of all the startup conferences you could attend, SXSW just might be one of the most overwhelming yet beneficial options for you in 2020. While the event as a whole spans across an incredibly wide range of industries including gaming, sports, and design, you’ll want to pay close attention to their startup offerings. Make sure to check out their Startups Track during the first five days to learn about new business models and best practices.

Recurring Revenue Conference, April 28-29, Marina Del Rey, CA

It may be smaller than your average event, but Recurring Revenue Conference caters to a very specific niche within the startup industry. As the only conference in Southern California to focus on the subscription economy, you’ll spend two days with like-minded leaders who are aiming to scale their SaaS to create recurring revenue. If you’ve been struggling to secure funding amidst the mass of competition or you’re looking for a better way to retain customers, this event is a must-attend.

GrowthHackers Conference, June 4, San Francisco, CA

Designed for Series B and C funded startups who are looking to grow quickly, this one-day event will provide more information than many could dream of. The GrowthHackers Conference attracts dozens of speakers and over 1,000 attendees and aims to change the way you look at growing your organization from the ground up. Tips that CEOs can personally implement right away along with strategies that focus on your team are plentiful here.

Collision, June 22-25, Toronto, Canada

Silicon Valley is clearly the hub of tech innovation, but many often forget that startup conferences in Canada can also offer a wealth of perspective for North Americans. Hailed as the continent’s fastest-growing tech conference, Collision attracts more than 30,000 attendees. Nearly half of them are female, positioning Collision as one of the most inclusive gatherings in 2020. Startups can connect with thousands of CEOs through Mentor Hours and Investor Meetings.

TechCrunch Disrupt, September 14-16, San Francisco, CA

If you’re in the tech startup world you’re no doubt very familiar with TechCrunch Disrupt. While it’s one of the best ways to connect with leaders in the industry, it’s also designed for pre-Series A startups who are looking to make a name for themselves. Startup Battlefield offers advice, coaching, and the chance to pitch to investors. Each year’s winner receives $100,00 and the Disrupt Cup.

Ascent, October 28-29, Manhattan, NY

One of the few US events held outside of California, Ascent covers everything a budding startup needs to know. A huge line-up of speakers share their knowledge about topics from data protection and consumer rights to understanding valuation and more. Over 1,500 companies attend Ascent including some of the tech industry’s biggest names, so when you’re planning your list of startup conferences, 2020 is the year to attend Ascent.

Remember, visiting numerous events certainly won’t guarantee success this year, but if you surround yourself with others who have confidently navigated the startup path before you, you’ll have a better chance of exceeding your goals.