Ask the airCFO team: Jenna Preston, Client Operations Manager at airCFO

Most people hear the word review and get a little anxious – after all, having your work put under the microscope is always a little nerve-wracking, but here at airCFO, we want to convince you of the opposite. 

An Executive Business Review (EBR), might be a critical insight tool you haven’t tapped yet. As your company grows and becomes more successful, your back office operations must evolve quickly. Things can slip through the cracks if you aren’t careful, but an EBR can ensure you’re having consistent conversations about client operations, growth, and strategy. Not sure where to start? airCFO will facilitate inward and outward assessments to report on your maturity and current projects to ensure you meet all your targets.

An EBR helps airCFO get a deeper understanding of our clients’ current and future businesses, so we can strategize how to deliver more value to you. The EBR will establish a baseline external Net Promoter Score (NPS) and allow airCFO to be more proactive in helping you avoid unexpected client escalations. By taking on a business advisory role, we can build more trust and provide opportunities for collaboration. The strategic alignment between airCFO and your business will help you reach your objectives while giving our team a way to have more informed and productive conversations to help you grow. 

So… you’re convinced you need an EBR. Now what? The EBR process takes place over three months and consists of three stages: Controller Review, Client Diagnostic, and the Executive Business Review presentation. 

  1. The Controller Review is more of an internal exercise that involves a tactical review of your books to ensure airCFO work meets both airCFO standards and the scope of services outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our clients receive a detailed scorecard via email as a result of this exercise. 
  2. The Diagnostic Stage will include the airCFO client team completing an assessment of your startup’s maturity across back office operations compared to where you should be based on your size and funding.
  3. In the final phase of the EBR, the Executive Business Review Presentation, the airCFO client team presents their findings. It opens up a strategic conversation with your executive team to discuss challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Ready to get started? airCFO does most of the work for you; you just need to participate, collaborate, and come with an open mind when it’s time to meet. With over eight years of experience in this sphere and over 150 clients at all lifecycle stages across all industries, we can help you benchmark your current goals and prioritize the next steps to enable your success. 

There might also be a bit of extra homework for you at the end. We will be asking for your feedback on business priorities so that we can think critically about how airCFO can help you achieve your goals as we partner as your strategic advisor. We’ll also be asking for your feedback on how our services are operating for you and how our team is performing. We aim for input to be as candid and critical as possible as this helps us grow our business and service offerings and better equips our people to serve you. 

We hope this has given you a better sense of how an EBR can help you to figure out where you are, where you’re going, and how airCFO can help you get there. Get in touch with your airCFO to ask if our EBR might be a good fit for you.