airCFO’s latest service that helps level the playing field in your next raise.

After months of development & testing, airCFO is excited to announce our newest service – Transaction Advisory. This offering brings airCFO’s FP&A, Fundraising, and Financial Management experience to your next raise in order to maximize your chance of successfully closing a funding round. With nearly $100M in equity/debt financing raised by our finance team, including Alex Wittenberg (Head of Finance), Aditya Singhal and Thomas Ness, our team brings a proven track record of transaction, financial planning, operations, and project management experience to every deal.

Our goal? To make sure that every founder gets the best terms possible in an early-stage financing by giving them the tools and information they need when they need it. The fundraising process is opaque, and founders are often at an informational disadvantage compared to “professional” startup investors who execute on dozens of deals per year.  Why not level the playing field through thorough preparation, a sharp roadshow and an experienced partner in your back-pocket?

We are excited to share the following services, as part of this natural extension of the accounting, tax and financial advisory work we already do:

  • Financial Model Preparation: Pitch with confidence knowing that you’ve contemplated all the scenarios and have a well-formatted 3-statement financial model to support your company’s narrative.
  • Diligence Support: VC #1’s process includes an unusual diligence request? No problem. VC #2 wants to dig into your metrics projections and understand how they’re calculated? We’ve got it covered.
  • Term Sheet Analysis and Negotiations Support: Pro-Rata, RoFR, Liquidation Preferences, the list goes on. We don’t stop at advising; we’ll help you fully understand your deal’s economics.
  • Investor Relations: The fundraising process isn’t over once the money hits your bank account.. From Board Reporting to information rights, we’ll make sure your investors have peace of mind when it comes to financials.

Raising money is one of the more complicated things you will have to manage as an early-stage founder, and information is power. Understanding your business’ position, working through scenarios, and having a solid partner in your back pocket for negotiations helps level the playing field. We’ve helped dozens of founders close transactions over the years, and now we’re offering that expertise in a single full-service package.