Tax Compliance for Startups

Witten by Justin McLoughlin, airCFO Founder For any company, implementing optimization strategies to reduce tax liability and stay legally compliant is mission-critical to the health of the business.  And startups are

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quarterly tax payments

How to Make Quarterly Tax Payments

If you’re a part of a startup or small business, hopefully you’ve got someone handling your bookkeeping who’s keeping track of your tax obligations, but if you’re starting out on your own or your business is structured as a partnership, like a LLC, you probably need to be making quarterly tax payments.

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irs audit triggers

IRS Audit Triggers to Avoid

Small business and startups taxes are complicated, especially if you’re new to your industry, but it’s important to make sure all of your ducks are in a row. If you don’t avoid these common IRS audit triggers, you might find yourself under special scrutiny.

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irs audit process

The IRS Audit Process: How to Prepare for a Tax Audit

Good bookkeeping, transparent accounting practices, and quality financial planning should allow you to be ready for the IRS audit process, but you can’t always prepare for everything. Nobody is perfect, and you may very well just get unlucky, so here’s our tips on how to prepare for a tax audit, just in case.

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