lean finance

What is Lean Finance?

Possibly one of the most important concepts to come out of the 1990’s was the idea of “Lean Management.” The idea of driving efficiency and reducing waste to improve customer

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saas business model

The SaaS Business Model: How it’s Different

So how is the SaaS business model different from other business models? And is it possible to attract early-round investors while building a SaaS product? By understanding your unique cash flow, it’s very feasible to build a business that can achieve growth through investment and mentorship.

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burn rate

Burn Rate: Understanding Your Cash Runway

As you start expanding with staff, software subscriptions, and office space, understanding your “burn rate” will become critically important. If you’re in the startup world, you’re likely already familiar with the concept - it has nothing to do with employee burnout or lost opportunities, but can create major problems if left unchecked.

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startup costs amortization

Startup Costs Amortization

No one should put themselves in a situation where they absolutely depend on getting this money back in any way, but if you plan carefully, you might be able to recover some of your expenses over time. Startup costs amortization is one of the ways to do so, and while it can be complex when it comes to taxes and planning, the basic idea is easy to understand.

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