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airCFO leads with its values, and we want to work with companies do the same. Here are just a couple of the values we look for in our founders, partners and employees:


Diversity is an essential, fundamental part of the continued success of airCFO. We strive to be a company where individuals from every background feel empowered, welcome, safe and challenged. We actively work towards building an inclusive environment that increases the participation of underrepresented groups in tech and encourages diversity of thought, knowledge, identity, and perspective.


In our industry, our reputation is everything. We rely on our founders for referrals, continued business, and the ultimate success of our organization. The experience we give to both our founders and our employees is one of the reasons we’ve managed to grow quickly and become successful as a player in our space. We believe that taking the additional step to go above and beyond sets us apart, both as a service provider and as a place to work. Out of necessity, we take this very seriously; if a team member does something to hurt airCFO we consider it grounds for separation.

Above & Beyond

We believe in the idea of helpfulness.  Each day we ask ourselves, “How can I help make my coworkers’ / founders’ lives easier by taking an extra step?” Our success is a collective goal which means that we collectively understand that the success of our peers and founders is also our own.  We take steps to do more than just the standard; we reach outside our roles and find ways to create impact across various parts of our organization.

Transparency & Collaboration

As a remote-first organization, we know that the only way to successfully navigate our workflows and interactions is through commitment and a default to Transparency & Collaboration. We don’t believe in the idea of only pushing out work once it’s polished and complete; we welcome additional eyes on projects, early feedback and proving our own output. We adhere to the idea of “working in the open” and understand that collaborating with others only helps us grow as professionals and individuals.